Club Leadership

Club Officers 2017-18

President: Ruki Somasundera

Presdent-Elect: Laurel Wentworth

Vice President: Steve Villette

Treasurer: Paul Zebiak

Assistant Treasurer: Stacie Buzzell

Secretary: Bob Gardner

Board of Directors, 2017-18

Larry Smith, Gabe Kingsbury, Jim Vashon, Archie Verow, Dan Guerette

Our Leadership is Committed to Service

As presiding officer of the club and the board, the president works closely with the board of directors and committee chairmen to establish and follow a strategic plan, set goals for improving the members’ club experience and increase the impact of the club’s service in the community by adding new members to the club.

Our Board of Directors, comprised of Club officers, immediate past president and elected directors, handles most of the business of the club–an important responsibility. The Board sets strategic direction, implements club policies, approves the club’s budget, supports committee activities and oversees the administrative tasks of the club.